Pickles (V,GF)
pickled vegetables & olives  8
Hummus with Bread (V, GF)
Baba Ghanoush (V,GF)
eggplant dip with bread 9.5
Labne (V)
Yoghurt cheese with za'atar 8.5
Chicory (V, GF)
Wilted with sumac, garlic, olive oil and fresh chilli 9.5
Shanklish (V, GF)
A soft, herbed cow's milk cheese, crumbled through finely diced tomato, spring onion and mint 9.9
Haloumi (V)
Crumbed and fried 9.9
Loubia (V,GF)
Sauteed green beans with olive oil, diced onion and tomato 9.9
Arnabeet Meklieh (V, GF)
Fried cauliflower and brocolli with taratour sauce and lemon 9.9
Falafel (V,GF)
Homemade (5) served with pickled vegetables & taratour sauce 10.9
Vine Leaves (V)
Rice and finely diced vegetables wrapped in vine leaves (4) 10.9
Malfouf (GF)
Cabbage leaves rolled with spiced lamb and rice 10.9
Ma'anek (GF)
Lebanese style cinnamon spiced sausage (4) served with lemon 9.9
Kafta bi Tahini
Lamb kafta burgers (3) on Lebanese rice with tahini and pinenuts 15.5
Kibbeh Meklieh
Ground lamb bound with burghal shell (3), stuffed with pinenuts, spiced lamb, onion and served with a yoghurt dipping sauce 14.5
Lamb Skewers
Skewered lamb pieces (3) served on rice 17.5
Chicken Skewers
Skewered chicken pieces (3) served on rice 17.50
Sameki Harra
Spiced fish fillet on rice with tahini, crushed nuts and coriander  17.9

On The Side

Fatoush Salad (V)
Salad of fresh herbs, tomato, cucumber and crispy flatbread with a sumac, lemon and olive oil dressing 9.9
Tabouli (V)
Parsley, cracked wheat, tomato, spring onion, lemon and olive oil 9